Logistics, warehousing and order picking

DECRUY TRANSPORT is an independent company closely linked to Decruy. We have a modern fleet of lorries with which we transport not only the self-produced goods but also goods for third parties, mainly in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany, both with full and partial loads. Our drivers are experienced and regularly trained.

DECRUY also have a couple of tens of thousands of square meters of heated warehousing space. Here we mainly store the goods from our own production, but also goods we have treated or packaged as subcontractors for other companies. These goods are often distributed along with our own goods to shared DIY retail customers. The size of our warehouses allows us to load and unload indoors. We have different types of forklifts that can handle up to 7.5T.

If you need information regarding our transport and warehousing services, feel free to contact us via decruytransport@decruy.be or by phone 0032 51 70 85 85.

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groot magazijn paletten en oplegger_891x0