Drawer wraps

For over 45 years now we have been one of the biggest manufacturers of wrapped drawer sides worldwide. We profile MDF or chipboard and wrap these profiles afterwards with decorative PVC, PP or paper foils. All components are cut to size and drilled as per the design of our customer. We manufacture different kinds of drawers: mitred fold-together drawers and drawers in separate pieces with  dowel and excenter connectors. We have a standard range of foils in plain colours, woodgrain imitations and some fantasy finishes such as linen. We produce hundreds of thousands of drawer components each week, for customers in Europe and beyond.

Whereas the depth, the width and the drilling positions of a drawer are mostly different for each customer, we do have some standards in our drawer production:
-Board thickness and type is 12mm chipboard
-The standard groove we provide for a drawer bottom is 4mm high, 6mm deep and is positioned at 10mm from the underside of the drawer sides.
-The standard groove we provide for an optional side-mounted drawer runner is 17mm high, 6mm deep and is positioned at 33,5mm from the underside of the drawer sides.
-The drawers have a flat top as standard
-The most common heights are 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 and 250mm
-We commonly use 8mm diameter dowels.

If requested we can supply matching drawer bottoms along with the drawers.

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