Wrapped mouldings

Next to our drawer components we also produce wrapped profiles for other applications. These can be of all shapes and types: furniture profiles (table legs, handles for sliding doors, corniches, bedsides, etc.), kitchen profiles (mouldings, plinths, etc.), door profiles, coffin components, interior decoration profiles,… Most of these products are made to order according to our customers’ specifications, but some others are standard profiles. Our profiles are milled, wrapped, cut, doweled and edge-finished (with transfer foil or ABS) according to our customers’ wishes. Our profiles are available both as finished components and in lengths.

instellen barberan 1_1364x0
wielen 4face_1364x0
aandrukwielen barberan 2_891x0
stapel hoeklijstjes kops_891x0
aandruk- en aandrijfwielen barberan 2_891x0
stapel s-lamellen kops_1364x0
wielen 4face van onderaan_1364x0