Profiles out of DPL/HPL

Decruy is the first company in the industry that has managed to develop a technology that allows for flooring accessories to be made out of DPL or HPL board. After an intensive period of research and development we have succeeded in perfecting and patenting an industrially applicative method to do so. Our product range contains skirting board, end profiles, T-profiles and multifunctional profiles.

Profiles that are made out of the same raw material as the material used for the floor itself offer a couple of major advantages compared to ‘classical’ paper foil-wrapped profiles. The first advantage is a perfect match in color between floor and accessories. Secondly, the profiles are equally resistant to moisture and scratches as the floor itself. These are mainly arguments that an end customer will value. There are advantages for the flooring manufacturers too however. Today, flooring manufacturers are forced to buy significant volumes of paper foil to wrap their accessories with. This often results in a lot of value parked in dead stock (either raw material dead stock or finished profile dead stock) when a collection is at the end of its life. With our profile this is not necessary: no more use for paper and CPL foils, no more risk of dead stock, and more m² of laminate board produced by our customers. Because our production process allows for very small production runs (because of the limited machinery setup times) we can offer small volume orders and short lead times. As a consequence, our customers can have lower stock levels and lesser risk of dead stock at the end of a collection.

Finished profiles are either delivered directly to our customer or kept in stock at our warehouses. We offer our clients the possibility to stock their products in our warehouses and to have us do the order picking and/or the transport. We have a fleet of own trucks with which we deliver goods to France, Belgium and the Netherlands.