Components for the furniture industry

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Decruy: one name, a lot of possibilities

Decruy is a versatile company. Whereas in the past we only used to be a supplier of wrapped components to the furniture industry, today we sell a wide range of other products and services to a more diverse customer network.


The majority of our product range is produced in Houthulst, Belgium but we also store and distribute products of other manufacturers through our own transport company and through our wide customer network of industrial furniture manufacturers, specialized wood traders and DIY-chains.


14 December 2015


Roadworks in Houthulst

There are currently roadworks being carried out on most of the roads towards our factory. Our factory and offices remain accessible at all times but there will be a lot of traffic diversions. We will signpost our company as good as we possibly can. In case you have any trouble finding us, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0032 51 70 85 85.